Earning My Stripes
I learned the craft of graphic design as a student of Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), which touts one of the most demanding and reputable programs in the country. I put my skills into motion by working in the design shops and creative departments of top national public relations firms in and around New York and DC. But it wasn’t until I went off on my own in 1996, and put into practice all that I had picked up along the way, that I became the designer I am today.
Solo Act
When you work for yourself, you wear many hats. By doing so I learned the most about my business, the work, my clients and life. I am a receptionist, courier, accountant, designer, janitor, creative director, marketing specialist, production artist, technical geek and CEO. Clients take comfort in knowing I will be with them every step of the way, from answering their phone calls to delivering their final product. And although I work alone, no project exists in a vacuum. It’s ALL teamwork.
The Case for Print
Years ago, everyone was ditching their print projects for an online presence. But recently, I’ve noticed the pendulum swinging back to a nice balance of using BOTH web and print to deliver a message or product. A website is only relevant when a customer is looking directly at it. A poster hangs on the wall; an annual report is on your desk for quick reference; a printed invitation is a personal gesture that appears in your mailbox, not an afterthought in your inbox.
National Client Base
With technology today we are no longer bound by cubicle walls or state lines. My office may be in North Carolina, but I work with clients in every region of the country — from Austin to Anchorage, from San Francisco to New York.
No Cookie Cutter Work
I am lucky in that I have a diverse group of clients — from environmental to arts-based groups, to musicians, bakers and candlestick makers. Okay, maybe not the last one, but it is through this diversity of work that I am able to stay excited about what I do, and as a result am able to offer fresh, innovative and individualized solutions to each of my clients.
A Good Attitude
The best working relationships are built on respect, open lines of communication and a good attitude. Life is short. Who wants to surround themselves with miserable people? I’ve been blessed to keep many of my clients as friends—long after the work is complete.
Creative in Life
I work hard for my clients, REALLY hard! But I also believe in life beyond work. The two aspects feed each other and make me a better designer and person. It may be hard to balance the two at times, but it is always worth striving for. 
Nothing makes me happier than to be dreaming up the next great design for a client or adventure with friends. Back in DC, before MeetUp.com existed, I founded and ran a club with a half dozen friends called Club XII, which grew quickly to 200 members strictly through word of mouth. We toured embassies, played glow-in-the-dark golf, learned to skeet shoot and attended a “Bad Art” exhibit to name just a few of our off-kilter, monthly activities. Now I enjoy hiking, gleaning with the Inter Faith Food Shuttle and exploring the cities and towns across North Carolina with a camera close by.
So How May I Help You?
Please contact me for a free estimate for your current graphic design needs, or just to touch base about any future assignments.
Client List
Arlington Arts Center | Arlington (VA) Cultural Affairs | Arlington Dept. of Parks and Recreation | Arlington (VA) Partnership for Children, Youth and Families | Artisphere  |  Association of Performing Arts Presenters | Blackstone Catering  | Boys and Girls Club of Newport County | Cape Museum of Fine Arts | Caplin & Drysdale | Arthur C. Clarke Institute | Dance/USA | Ellipse Arts Center | Festival Ballet Providence | Fisher Engineering | Fit Arlington | Freedom Park (Arlington) | Jacobs Pillow Dance | Jane Franklin Dance Company  | Landmine Survivors Network | Mac Chrupcala Orchestra  |  Medpac | National Chamber Ensemble | National Geographic Society | National Parks Conservation Association | Newport Harbor Corporation | Newport Harbor Hotel & Marina | Newport Yachting Center | New York Yacht Club | Peak Performance Group| Prison Fellowship / International | Provencal Bakery | Public Allies | Rosslyn Business Improvement District | Rosslyn Spectrum Theatre | Seasonal Living | Voices for America’s Children • Teamed up with 6 Square:  Macy’s | Norman Bird Sanctuary Contract WorkCarnegie Mellon Activity Board | CTIA | Graves Fowler | The Kamber Group | Ketchum | The Magazine Group | MS&L | Ogilvy & Mather | Porter Novelli
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